PDP Trying To Ambush Buhari’s Govt. – Ex-general


A retired military general, Brig.-Gen. Ayodele Ojo, has accused the Peoples Democratic Party of trying to cause instability in the country for President Muhammadu Buhari-led government. He said the action of the PDP senators to allow Ike Ekweremadu to emerge as the Deputy Senate President in a chamber controlled by the All Progressives Congress was aimed at destabilising or ambushing the new administration.

Ojo said, “I think that is not the best way to play the role of opposition. The opposition should be credible and constructive. As for the distinguished Senator Ekweremadu, he should have declined his nomination on moral grounds. What new innovation or added value is he bringing to that office?PDP should have allowed the new government to successfully transit instead of deliberately promoting instability or trying to ambush it even before it takes off. My suggestion to Ekweremadu is for him to resign as the Deputy Senate President in the interest of peace and stability of Nigeria. That to me is the path of honour.”

According to him, the President must resist any attempt to be stampeded by the PDP and other opposition elements into appointing ministers.