Allibaba On Angry Breakups & What To Deduce From Them


He drew insight from Hollywood’s actor Terrence Howard’s breakup. Read what the ace comedian said below:

When you break up with anyone, the way they handle the break up is a true reflection of who they really are. There is nothing like it was the break up that brought the worst out of them. Trust me, It was always inside that person. The capacity to anger and consequently do harm by some people, is not as a result of love gone sour. It wast always a covered up rot and disaster waiting to happen. It’s been revealed by several researches. The way some people handle separation often shows why you left them. Some men do not know how to handle “NO”. In fact they can lose it if she adds “What part of NO do you not understand?”.

I heard of a man who bathed his ex with acid because she refused to reconsider. Another posted a lady, newly married from Lagos to Bayelsa state. She was lucky to have met an ED of another bank who had been looking for her. One lady, in Lekki Phase 1, went down stairs after her bobo said he couldn’t continue with the relationship. Broke the windscreen of his G63 and cut the seats of his Porsche Cayenne with a razor blade.

By the way, she had been driving the Porsche for nearly 5 months. (By now some of the Lekki people know who I am talking about) Then left with the key and threw it across the Lekki bridge. I know some stupid people will quickly say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…. But hey! The way you react to a break up not only defines you, but could for close on whether you guys get back together or seal the separation. I am one of those who does not believe that your jealousy is enough reason to go do something that you think will show you ARE MADLY IN LOVE.

Because what it really does is give the other person more reason to stay away from you. Regarding this post, Terrence’s Ex just justified his reasons to have left her. No one should try and tell me it’s because she is hurt. You can not force people to love you. It’s no crime to be pained by a break up. But to begin to do things to pull down your Ex, deform, abuse, rubbish and generally cause harm to the person you once claimed to love is absolutely unacceptable. It just showed you were not in love. If it’s over, get over it, grow up and move on.”