Man Kills Policeman Over Spaghetti


Haldu Shaibu, 38, has been arraigned before an Ebute-Metta Magistrates’ Court for killing one Corporal Babangida Yeiwa, Nigerian Tribune reports. Shaibu narrated that he moved from his single room apartment to live with the deceased and one other, Victor Kapivet, because people were calling him Boko Haram.

He stated that on October 12, 2013 around 7:00a.m., the deceased gave him N1,000 to prepare spaghetti and fish but because of the thugs that harass him by calling him ‘Boko Haram’, he refused to go out but insisted on buying the spaghetti and ingredients within the neighbourhood. He said the deceased then left angrily without saying a word.

He narrated:

“Later in the day, Babangida came back and requested for his food which I served him. He requested of his change, which I told him I had given to Victor. He accused me of giving his change to Victor. An argument started.

He took a knife to warn me to back off but I held the knife with my hand. It cut me and I started bleeding.
Then I got hold of another knife. He stabbed me again. He picked up a railing and hit me. I grabbed an iron rod and hit him. He fell down and I rushed downstairs to call one Emmanuel Musa, a police Corporal

The mobile policemen rushed the body of Babangida to the General Hospital Marina and I was taken to Lion Building Police Station.”

The defendant admitted killing Babangida not because of a woman or anything but as a result of some misunderstanding.


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