Boy Who Faces Being Beheaded Then Crucified In Saudi Arabia For Taking Part In Protest When He Was 17


Capital punishment: Ali Mohammed al-Nimr (pictured) was arrested for taking part in an anti-government protest and sentenced to death in May 2014

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was, by all accounts, a regular 17-year-old boy who loved cars and hanging out with his friends when he was sentenced to death simply for protesting against Saudi Arabia’s government. Any day now, he will be publicly beheaded and his body will be crucified and left to fester out in the open for three days despite worldwide condemnation.

Courageous: Ali (pictured) will be beheaded and crucified any day now, but a source close to his family says the activist has 'not lost hope' that he will survive this ordeal

Even in the face of certain death, a source close to his family told MailOnline he ‘has not lost hope’ of surviving this dreadful situation. From inside his prison cell, the courageous activist told them: ‘I will get out. And if I die, I’ve lived a happy life.’

Cruelty: MailOnline's source said Ali (pictured) was a regular 17-year-old boy who liked cars and hanging out with his friends when he was arrested and detained without trial in 2012

MailOnline’s source claimed the government is ‘making an example’ of Ali because of the actions of his uncle Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a Shi’ite cleric¬†who was also sentenced to death for speaking out against them.

Fearless: MailOnline's source said Ali (pictured) remains 'optimistic' even in the face of death, adding: 'Even after he was given the death penalty, he never showed any fear'