See What Boko Haram Wants In Exchange For The Chibok Girls


According to President Buhari, Boko Haram leaders are asking for the freedom of one of its arrested leaders in exchange for the release of the over 200 kidnapped Chibok girls. Buhari said this while speaking to Nigerians living in Paris yesterday September 15th.

“They wanted us to release one of their leaders who is a strategic person in developing and making Improvised IEDs that is causing a lot of havoc in the country by blowing people in Churches, Mosque, market places, motor parks and other places. But it’s very important that if we are going to talk to any body, we have to know how much he is worth.

Let them bring all the girls and then, we will be prepared to negotiate, I will allow them to come back to Nigeria or to be absolved in the community.


We have to be very careful, the concern we have for the Chibok girls, one only imagine if they got a daughter there between 14 and 18 and for more than one and a half year, a lot of the parents who have died would rather see the graves of their daughters rather the condition they imagine they are in. This has drawn a lot of sympathy though out the world, that is why this government is getting very hard in negotiating and getting the balance of those who are alive, ” he said



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