Photos: Happy Ending For The Man Without Wrists Who Sweeps #MadeOfBlack


His name is Adekunle Adebisi. He is married to a beautiful wife and they’re blessed with two awesome kids.  It all got down real good for him today as Guinness Nigeria crew gave him a surprise visit at his duty post. He later revealed to Guinness that he has been sweeping for the past 12 years! Can you beat that!!!

Guinness Nigeria, on the other hand, came with lots of goodies and promises for Adekunle. Sorry guys, I’m not allowed to divulge in details all that Guinness Nigeria had in stock for him… Yea, yea, you know… proprietary stuff. kiss

My #MadeOfBlack Hero was all smiles and thankful. He just couldn’t hold back the joy. *teary eyes* I’m so happy to know that God used me (@Henrikachi) and YOU all to remember this unknown and unsung hero. This is how the society should function; celebrating those who against all odds keep pushing for a better Nigeria.