Saraki’s Trial Can Rubbish Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War – Jackson Ojo


The National President of Yoruba Youth Alliance, Mr. Jackson Ojo, has said the trial of the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, by the Code of Conduct Bureau, can rubbish the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammadu Buhari. He said this in an interview with our correspondent in Osogbo on Sunday. He said:

“The whole world is watching and monitoring everything now. We are suspecting a sponsored allegation against Saraki just because of his clever emergence as the Senate President as against the decision and calculation of some oligarchic and autocratic leaders in the APC.

“One thing I want people to be cautious of is the outcome of the Saraki travails. If it is not openly and transparently handled, it will boomerang on the party, the APC, and will eventually put the corruption crusade of Buhari into a serious ridicule. Saraki is not above the law and should not be treated as one, but they should allow things to operate transparently.”

Ojo said Saraki should be punished according to the law if found guilty, but added that the trial should not be done in a manner which would portray the agency as an attack dog of some influential persons or party. The YYA boss, however, said there were some leaders within the APC fold, who he said had become untouchable because of their wealth. He said:

“I make bold to condemn the travail of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, in the hands of Code of Conduct Bureau. Although, it is normal for the CCB to do its jobs without fear or favour and without minding whose ox is gored, this however should be done transparently and without sentiments.


“Senator Saraki, who declared his assets to the CCB as a governor in the year 2003 and repeated the same in the year 2007, and as a senator in the year 2011 without any complains, the same Saraki is now guilty of the error or mistakes or dubious declarations he committed over 12 years ago.”