Chinese Man Proposes To His Lover With 11 Luxury Cars!!!



According to Shanghaiist, a young Chinese millionaire stunned many people around the world recently when he proposed to his girlfriend of many years by flaunting his wealth in a bizarre manner. The young man arranged 11 luxury cars in the shape of a heart before asking his high school sweetheart to marry him. The stunt worked its magic and he got the answer he desired.

The Guangzhou-based entrepreneur who had dropped out of college to establish his own company decided on the weird proposal to ensure no other man takes his woman from him. To make sure he got his point across to everyone the guy also had some friends hold up banners that read:

“Please go away! This is my woman,” during the proposal.

The marriage proper would take place in four years time after the lady graduates from the university. Hmmm, no comment on this post!

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