Photos: 7ft 3in Venezuelan Breaks Guinness World Record For The Largest Feet On The Planet


Jeison Rodriguez breaks Guinness World Record for having the largest feet

Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez, 20, from Maracay in Venezuela, has taken the title for having the largest feet in the world. Thanks to am overactive pituitary gland he also stands at over 7ft. The youngest of four children, Jeison grew at a normal rate until he turned 10, when his feet suddenly grew from a size 5.5 to a size 11 in less than a year. His right foot now measures an incredible 40.1cm (1ft 3.79in) while his left measures 39.6cm (1ft 3.59in), making him a size 32 in the UK.See more photos of the giant Venezuelan after the break

Big foot: The shoes of Jeison Rodriguez, the 20-year-old man from Venezuela who has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest feet, measuring in at 40.1cm

Family home: When Jeison turned 10, his feet suddenly grew from a size 5.5 to a size 11 in less than a year

Pros and cons: Although having giant feet and standing at over 7ft gives Jeison an advantage when playing his favourite sport of basketball, he also had to cope with vicious bullying during his school years

Unusual find: A German specialist shoemaker, Georg Wessels, introduced Jeison to the Guinness World Records after travelling to Maracay in the west of Venezuela to make Jeison’s shoes

Bursting at the seams: Jeison's parents were forced to seek medical help for him, when his massive growth spurt gave him severe headaches and joint pain

Growth spurt: The previous record holder was Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen, with a shoe size of 28. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Kosen also holds the record for the world’s tallest man, standing at 8ft 3in tall (2.51m)

Sportsman: Jeison plays basketball outside his house in Maracay, Venezuela. His mother described how he grew normally until he turned 10, when he experienced a rapid growth spurt

In the family: Jeison poses with his older brother Wilmer, 24, outside their family home in Maracay, Venezuela

Standing tall: Jeison now wants to return to studying, having beaten the bullies, to learn to bake and to help people who are suffering from depression

Credit: DailyMail


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