Photos: Check Out The New ‘Frozen Chook’ Social Media Craze


Frozen chook is the newest internet craze to sweep social media with bizarre images like this

In the wake of planking, a bizarre new internet craze has taken flight-and this one might ruffle some feathers. Dubbed ‘frozen chook’, the New Zealand-born phenomenon sees participants strip unclad and curl up in a pose which emulates commercially-packaged poultry. Like most viral fads, it’s easy to pick up and you can do it almost anywhere – assuming you’re comfortable being unclad in public and you don’t chicken out. Have you tried yours? 🙂

Participants remove their clothes and crouch in a pose which emulates commercially-packaged frozen poultry

It’s easy to pick up and you can do it almost anywhere-like this gentleman who froze himself of his roof

The New Zealand based craze began as a party-trick among a group of friends, but it soon took flight online

As you can see, the friends have been working around the cluck to think of innovative frozen chook locations

This frozen chook enthusiast chose the lush backdrop of a forest for his bizarre contribution  

The frozen chook group say they hope to receive endorsements from U.S president Barack Obama

Another frozen chicken enthusiast poses besides a hog on a farm 

This participant appears to be at home curling up in a chicken pen