Photos: Kidnapper Arrested In Owerri After Withdrawing Ransom From Bank


A suspected kidnapper who abducted a little boy in Imo state has met his Waterloo after going to the bank to cash in on the ransom money.. Read the full gist of what went down below;

Nicholas Nwabueze, 22, is a customer of Ifeoma Olewu, the mother of Somtochukwu, 2. On the 27th of October, 2015, went to her shop, Zone 4, World Bank Area, New Owerri, Imo State to buy something. But he saw Chukwu coming out of their compound all alone while Ifeoma was inside the shop.

He quickly abducted him and demanded a ransom of N500,000 which was paid the next day. He however kept the boy in his custody, hoping to release him immediately after cashing the money. He only succeeded in withdrawing N120,000 through the ATM machine.

After that, the machine stopped dispensing and he was forced to go inside the bank to ask why. It was in that process that he was arrested. He later confessed that he wanted to obtain money from the parents since the boy’s father resides in China