Cyclist Who Lost Her Leg & Nearly Died Forgives Driver Who Caused Accident


London cyclist Victoria Lebrec who lost her leg to Lorry driver forgives him

Victoria Lebrec  had to have her left leg amputated and her life was only saved by pioneering medical treatment at the roadside. The accounts manager had been on the left side of Paul-Ioan Mihacea’s truck in south London on December 8 last year when the accident happened.

She has now said: ‘I completely forgive him. He just made a mistake. He was so sorry.’ Mihacea admitted careless driving but was fined just £750. ‘I don’t think it’s healthy to hate. He obviously feels very bad about the whole thing. We had a really long hug, which was really emotional.’

This is really amazing. Do you think you will be that forgiving?


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