Are You Ready For ‘Avalanche’ – The Biggest Dance Event Of 2015???

avalancheDance is undoubtedly one of the universal forms of art and also, it is a form of expression that cuts across‎ language, race, colour, socio economic class and gender.  We all love dance!
In Nigeria, we have seen dance gradually become a staple in every area of entertainment, education, health/fitness and advertising. From music videos, to dance movies, to big budget TV commercials, ‎political rallies, flashmobs, school graduation day activities, syndicated TV shows and competitions, and of course, theatre productions. 
Dance is everywhere.

And as an avid dance lover, this thrills me beyond measure.

I mean, I get to see some form of dance everyday when I get home and turn on the TV, when I step out to work‎ or play, wherever, whenever, all over.  We’ve even got Dance Celebrity now. Like, there are names that are very well known in the country simply because they are dancers and choreographers of pedigree. 
As individuals, ‎these Choreographers have broken barriers, conquered adversity, created awe-inspiring works of art, won international competitions and helped build an industry that employs over 2000 people in Lagos alone. They are the Kings Of Dance.
But as a collective, there’s so much more they can achieve and that’s where Corporate Dance World’s Bimbo Obafunwa comes in. Dance Director for Maltina Dance All for 8 consecutive years, winner of Spirit Of David’s Celebrity Takes2 and an international instructor and performer with almost 2 decades in the industry. He is very much a King Of Dance with a vision. He says:
“Dance as an industry has names that are well known, but the faces behind those names must become easily recognizable before the industry can take the long overdue next step into the level that has seen Music, Comedy and Movies become colossal successes in Nigeria. And to do that, we must stick together and lead the way. Dance is a royal art and the Kings have united.”
His vision is simple:
Provide a unified platform that gives the dance-loving public direct access to the fantastic works of art AND the Choreographers who create them. Make dance a product that is consumer ready based on their preference. Over time, the interface between Choreographer and ‎viewer becomes smoother and more symbiotic.
This platform is AVALANCHE: THE KINGS OF DANCE. And the first edition, themed “Rhythm of the human race” is billed for the 27th of December 2015, where three pulsating shows will be served at the Shell Hall of Muson Center, Lagos. 
It will feature Choreography by Wale Rubber, Ice Nweke, Frank Konwea, Jennifer***, Kaffy, CaptainQuest, Victor Phullu, Lillian Yeri, Lovette Otegbola, Qudus Onikeku‎, Ijodee, Sani The Machine, Bimbo Obafunwa, Lilian Yeri amongst others with an All Star cast of over 50 dancers. 
The Production, which is one of a kind for a number of reasons stands out for especially these two:
The entire production is made up of different stories which are delicately and intricately connected and told exclusively via dance. Yes, you read that right. 
Unlike other productions and musicals, there will be no acting, no singing. Just Dance. 
The ‎Kings who will be choreographing these dances have to tell the story of their scenes entirely via dance in 5 minutes or less. 
Talk about a tall order. But this is why they are Kings.
For the first time ever, the Special Ones (Kings from the entertainment industry who are also dance lovers) like Ali Baba, Ireti Doyle, Victor Olaotan, Linda Ejiofor, cool Fm’s Manny and The Angels, Sensei Uche from City Fm, Showman and a host of others will be on stage. But these stars won’t be singing, acting or delivering rib-cracking stories. Instead, they will be doing something they aren’t popular for: Dance. For real, guys. ALI BABA WILL BE PERFORMING CHOREOGRAPHY!
December 27th can’t come quickly enough for me! I can’t wait to  feast my eyes on the royal entertainment they are putting together. I’ve already grabbed a couple of tickets before they are completely sold out and I strongly advice that you do the same by clicking here:
Call ‎0803 465 2105 OR 0803 720 5722 for enquiries and visit for tickets, follow @Avalanchetkod on instagram and twitter, like the avalanche the kings of dance on facebook and of course, go to for all the information you need. 
This is why I love Christmas holidays; so much fun to look forward to and this is top of my list!