Okra Stir Fry By Foodace


Okra stir-fry is such an easy meal to prepare, with few ingredients yet tastes so great. This can be eaten on its own or paired with rice or even yam. I have tried it with rice and it was perfect. You can tweak it in ways that suit you and your family. If you are on a weight loss journey, this will be perfect meal to add on your meal plan. Here is my recipe…

3 handfuls okra (washed and cut)
3 tablespoons Nigerian stew
2 shallots (Sliced)
2 handful kale (washed and pat dry)
2 tablespoons Foodace rocket chilli sauce
1 knorr seasoning cube or salt to taste.


Heat up stew and foodace rocket chilli sauce, add the sliced shallots.
Allow frying for 2 minutes.
Add the cut okra and knorr seasoning cube or salt; stir fry until okra starts to cook.
Throw in the kale, stir and allow cooking until okra is cooked to your satisfaction.
Turn of gas.
Serve hot or warm.

For Salmon


2 salmon fillets
Black pepper
Olive oil


Wash and pat dry fish with kitchen paper.
Season fish with black pepper, salt and olive oil.
Heat up a frying pan, place salmon fillets.
Grill for 4 – 5 minutes each side.
Turn off gas, allow to sit for a while before serving.
Serve with the Okra stir fry.
Recipe by Foodace.


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