Should Gov. Ambode Stop For Traffic Light?


On April 12th, Gov Ambode’s convoy waited for the green light at Wempco junction, Agidingbi. The photo was shared by the Governor’s chief press secretary, Habib Aruna on Facebook. Many people praised the governor for doing this but there are those who feel it was a huge security risk.

Read what Ayo Shonaiya said below

I just saw a picture posted by Habib Aruna on Facebook, of Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and his convoy STOPPED at a traffic light in Lagos. My question is WHY?!

The Governor of Lagos State doesn’t have to stop at traffic lights when he’s on official duty with his convoy should he? And in terms of his security, this is very unadvisable. I have seen Gov Ambode’s convoy, and it’s like 8 vehicles, including an Ambulance! As they are allowed to cut through traffic jams, they should be allowed to cut through red lights. What are they stopping for? To prove that he obeys the Law just like every other normal citizen? But no, he’s not just any other normal citizen when he’s on duty, he’s the Governor!

I have seen comments about this picture, some are saying “kudos” and “humble governor”, Nooooo! He is the Governor and shouldn’t be stopping on plain road and even dangerously at intersections just to prove that he is not above the Law. He is making himself a sitting duck to potential harm by doing this. Who is the Head of Ambode’s security detail that sees this as a good thing, for your charge to be static for 2 minutes on plain road while waiting for traffic lights to change. Wow!

The fact that the convoy will be braking and stopping at Red Lights at every intersection is even dangerous. The vehicles in the convoy could quite possibly crash into each other and cause a pile up. What if the first 2 or 3 vehicles go past the green light, and the light turns red “mid convoy”? Would they now break convoy?

I do not like this. It is not breaking the Law if the Governor of Lagos State goes through Red Lights with his convoy on official duty. Maybe when he’s going somewhere in his personal car and without convoy, then he can maybe do that, but really even so, he should have some security detail with him. Stopping at red lights on official duty is not being humble, it creates a security risk. I don’t want my Governor to be humble, I want my Governor to PERFORM as he has been doing for a year now since he resumed office.

Governor Ambode, you are excused, and I don’t mind your convoy going through red lights to be getting your work done as you’ve been doing. Don’t stop. Keep Lagos moving.

This has been a Public Service Announcement by Ayo Shonaiya. If you agree or disagree with me, let me know your thoughts.