See The 5 Nigerians To Be Executed Tomorrow In Indonesia


Here are the 5 Nigerians to be executed tomorrow 29th july 2016 In Indonesia.

1. Nonso Kingsley Okonkwo

Okonkwo arrived at Polonia Airport, Medan, on October 25, 2003. When Okonkwo and her suitcase across the X-ray, no sound of the rings of X-ray. But, narcotics sniffer dogs can not be fooled and sniff Okonkwo relentless stomach so that the officer suspicious. Okonkwo then taken to the hospital and forced ‘nesting’. After waiting a few moments that alleged the officer.Okonkwo ‘spawn’ dozens of capsules containing heroin. Total ‘egg’ heroin wrapped capsule was Rp 1.1 kg. After some investigation, Okonkwo is a professional courier with proof of passport and visa are printed throughout 2003, namely Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia. For his actions, Okonkwo was sentenced to death by the District Court (PN) field in May 2004, the High Court (PT) on August 16, 2004 and an appeal on February 16, 2006. the extraordinary legal remedies also rejected the Supreme Court on November 24, 2014. Sitting as the presiding justices PK Artidjo Alkostar members Suhadi justices and justices Sri Murwahyuni.

2. Humphrey Jefferson Ejika

man who is also called Doctor was arrested on August 2, 2003 at a restaurant in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta. From the bedroom defendant was found 1.7 kg of heroin. For his actions, Doctor sentenced to death by the Central Jakarta District Court (PN Jakpus), the Jakarta High Court, an appeal and judicial review. On 27 September 2007, the Supreme Court (MA) reject the proposed PK Doctor. Although Doctor thrown in LP Nusakambangan, he still moves the people selling drugs. BNN scooped Doctor on linkages 97 capsules of methamphetamine that is owned by a woman in Depok, West Java, in November 2012.

3. Eugane Ape

Ape officers arrested on February 20, 2003 night at a hotel in Tanah Abang.From Ape hand found a suitcase containing heroin weighing 300 grams.Also captured in the transaction Gab Nadi alias Papa. On November 4, 2003, Ape sentenced to death by the Central Jakarta District Court and upheld by PT Jakarta and cassation. On June 1, 2010, PK Ape rejected MA.What about Dad? He was also sentenced to death. Before executed, Papa died in 2012 at LP Nusakambangan due to her illness.

4 Obinna Nwajagu

Obinna arrested after his men Bunyong Khaosa ‘nesting’ of 45 capsules of heroin on 6 April 2002 upon his arrival at Soekarno-Hatta from Bangkok. Obinna then arrested at the Hotel Ibis is currently awaiting the arrival Obina. On October 22, 2002, Obina sentenced to death by the Tangerang District Court. This penalty budge until the level of PK. On May 15, 2007, PK assemblies consisting of Titi Nurmala Siagian, Muchsan and Achmad Sukardja refused PK Obina. Lama is not executed, Obina BNN finally arrested back in 2012 and then in the LP Nusakambangan. He was arrested for involvement in drug trafficking is controlled from inside the prison.

5 Michael Titus Igweh

Titus was arrested in a series of raids in various places and the last in an apartment in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, related narcotics network in July 2002. Police secure 48 kg of heroin in the operation. On October 23, 2003, the Tangerang District Court sentenced him to death to Titus , These penalties are strengthened to the level of judicial review (PK). On October 10, 2010, an assembly consisting of a PK to Djoko, Komariah Sapardjdja and Sri Murwahyuni refused PK Titus.