‘British Child’ Seen Executing Man In Shocking New ISIS Video


This shocking video from ISIS reportedly shows a British child carrying out the brutal execution of a man in Syria.During the gruesome clip you can see a row of men with young ‘soldiers’ stood behind them with firearms, somewhere in Raqqa, Syria.All the men in orange jumpsuits they kill are Kurds, who are being punished for recent Kurdish advances in Syria and Iraq.The youths make statements in Arabic before raising their handguns and killing the men in front of them.

The distressing footage is included in a longer nine minute propaganda clip posted by the terrorist organisation.The second child from the right is believed to be Abu Abdullah Al-Britani, who shares the same name as another Brit who fought for ISIS.The other Al-Britani was the Islamic name of Assad Uzzaman, originally from Portsmouth, who was 25 when he was killed in Syria last year.