I Love Intimacy – Olympic Medalist, Lauritta Onye


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Lauritta Onye, Olympic medalist, told The Sun how she likes her men. Onye talked about her past relationships, criteria in a man and her love for sex.She said:

 “When I came to Lagos, I decided to have one boyfriend. Fortunately or unfortunately, he broke my heart by looking for another girl. He did it twice.He is a normal person. He should be over five feet. He was the person who deflowered me.”

When asked she enjoys sex, her answer was”yes.”

On her kind of man should marriage come calling:

“I want a God-fearing man, a man that cares, a man that looks cute, a man that dresses well and has swagger. .


I don’t like men that wear earrings or funny hairstyles. I need a man that is dark in complexion. I like tall men, men over five feet. My father was a tall man; I want a man like him. The man should be faithful. My kind of man should be romantic.”


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