Pres. Buhari Has Reduced Himself To Clearer-in-Chief of Executive Corruption – Prof Farook Kperogi


The associate professor in the United States wrote this with the photo above

“President Buhari has now reduced himself to the pathetic position of Clearer-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Executive Corruption. Opponents of the president get ARRESTED and JAILED on the basis of mere ALLEGATIONS. Dasuki is still in jail in spite of court orders to release him on bail. Metuh, Abati, Fani-Kayode, etc. were all arrested and jailed on the basis of allegations.”

“There was a midnight raid on judges’ homes without any firm, foolproof evidence of their complicity in corruption. The president’s corrupt opponents, in addition, get tried and smeared in the media by the EFCC.But demonstrably corrupt Buhari associates are invariably shielded from prosecution by the president himself.


They are serially “cleared,” sometimes via dubious “technicalities” (such as in the case of Babachir David Lawal) by the “anti-corruption” president himself–as compromised judges and lawyers do when they try corrupt politicians.
In Buhari’s Nigeria, there are two judicial standards: the president’s opponents are always guilty until proven innocent while the president’s corrupt men are always innocent until cleared by the president, the clearer-in-chief of executive corruption. Some way to fight corruption!”