Breast Enlarging ‘Coconut Juice’ Sparks Outrage


One of the models says: "A can of Coconut Palm a day will give you a graceful figure"

A Chinese company has come under heavy criticism from the public after advertising its coconut juice with the side information revealing it can cause breast enlargement.The advertisement by the Chinese drink company modeled busty ladies running through the beach in an almost flimsy wear and with the coconut juice in hand.The advertisement with the slogan ‘A can a day and you’ll be white, tender and busty’ has however sparked reactions from several quarters as models on the advert were heard saying: ‘A can of Coconut Palm a day will give you a graceful figure.’

A juice firm has come under fire for a racy advert which suggests its coconut drink can make women’s breasts bigger

All the busty models can be seen holding cans of the drink in their hands as they bound around wearing hot pants and white tops

In the wake of reactions sparked by the drink company through the advert, the Chinese Government’s Consumer Protection Bureau along with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have been tipped to launch investigation into the claim.The claim made by the Chinese drink company however comes in violation of the Chinese regulations as no drink company is allowed to make such claims.The company may also in addition to violation of regulation be faced with counts of sexual imagery and use of vulgar language in advert.