Alexis Sanchez Shares Photos Of Swollen Lip After Arsenal’s Scrappy Win Over Leicester City


Alexis Sanchez was feeling a bit sorry for himself after Arsenal’s Premier League victory over Leicester City on Wednesday. Despite winning the match 1-0 – and Sanchez admitting he was “happy for the victory” – the Chilean suffered for his team. Not in a major way, don’t get us wrong, but by cutting his lip.

According to Gunners boss Arsene Wenger, the 28-year-old was left with a swollen mouth after clashing with Robert Huth who “really went in with him”. And not when he dropped to the ground attempting to block Christian Fuchs taking a throw-in – picking up a yellow card for his troubles. Speaking after the game, Wenger said:

“I didn’t see where Alexis has been hit. In the first two attempts when Fuchs tried to throw ball in Sanchez stood next to him and didn’t know had to be further away.”

Alexis Sanchez got in the way of a Leicester City throw-in, and paid a price


“Fuchs was lucky not to get a yellow card because he threw ball at him on purpose. Huth really went in with him. I helped him [Sanchez] to get up and he was bleeding on the lips. He touched him on the face. I don’t know accidentally or not.”