My Case Against Punch Reporter – Buhari’s CSO, Bashir Abubakar


Bashir Abubakar, Buhari's CSO

According to Premium Times, according to an internal memo released on Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief Security Officer, Bashir Abubakar has defended his decision to expel a reporter for The Punch from the State House, saying journalists have a responsibility to be patriotic in reporting matters of national importance. Read the memo after the break

Reference Number: PRES/CSO/163/A/722.

Date: April 25, 2017.


1. You may recall that on 13th April, 2017 at the Press Gallery, Presidential Villa, Abuja, an interactive session between the State House Security Department, led by the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the President, C-in-C, and members of the State House Press Corps was held during which it was agreed that members of the press would conduct themselves professionally and would always be objective in their reports in the best interest of the nation.

2. However, Olalekan Adetayo, the State House correspondent for the Punch Newspaper, in his Saturday column of 22nd April, 2017, titled ‘Seat of powers event centres going into extinction”, reported that currently there has been less or no activity at the seat of power. Adetayo mentioned that important venues such as Council Chambers, Presidential Banquet Hall and State House Conference Hall have been left empty for a long time and are all gathering dust.

He also claimed that no event had been held in the Council Chambers in at least the last two months. “Similarly, he claimed not to have remembered the last time the president received letter of credence from newly posted Ambassadors and High Commissioners at the Presidential Banquet Hall. “He, however, failed to state whether there had been any instance where a newly posted diplomat was denied access presenting his letter of credence to the president.

Also, subject mentioned guest house in the Villa, House seven, and claimed that political meetings were held there by the last administration and faulted that no such meetings have been held there since the inception of this administration. He, therefore, hoped that the proposed law for unoccupied buildings in Abuja will not affect the buildings in the Presidential Villa, and posited that the development is a sign of the end of time,

3. Consequently, he was invited by the CSO to explain the motive behind his write up and another lead story in the Sunday Punch titled ‘Fresh Anxiety in Aso Rock over Buhari’s poor health”. In response, subject accepted that he was wrong in reporting things that were not true and pleaded for leniency, promising that he will not repeat such “grievous” mistake.

This he said in the presence of the Chairman of the State House Press Corps, Ubale Musa. On the lead story in the Sunday publication of the paper, subject stated that he was not the author of the story but was only asked and pressurised by his editor to get the State House reaction to make up the story which he did by enquiring from the Special Adviser to the President on Media, Femi Adesina.

However, when asked to put his explanation and plead into writing, he maintained that what he wrote in the Saturday column was purely based on his observations.

4. Meanwhile, it would be recalled that Adetayo of all the reporters in the Presidential Villa, he was the only one carrying mischievous news items without ascertaining his facts, or verifying to be sure of what he was to feed the public. It would be recalled that in 2016, he reported on several occasions on the non-payment of Risk Caution Allowance (RCA) to security personnel without balancing his story with the view of the government’s side. He featured this story several times. He also wrongly reported incidences of “accidental discharge” without getting details to understand what actually transpired.

All these were reeled out with the mischievous intent especially as he championed the stories in spite of being cautioned and advised by his colleagues as well as the chairman of the State House Press Corps to be circumspect and objective in his reportage.

5. Arising from the above, the CSO, C-in-C summoned him in the presence of the chairman and counselled him on the need to be patriotic, objective and honest in his reports as he has, live every citizen and indeed journalist, a responsibility to safeguard and protect this country from anything that could threaten the security of the nation. He appreciated and promised to adhere to the ethics of his profesion and partner with the security department to ensure peace and stability.


Aggregating the foregoing and the interactions with the reporter smack of irresponsibility and mischief as Adetayo’s stories in Saturday column of the Punch Newspaper of April 22, 2017, lacked objectivity which is one of the cardinal principles of journalism.

Similarly, his belligerence and non-repentance on his ways suggest his desperation to satisfy some subterranean interests of certain individuals who are bent on undermining the government.

In view therefore, Olalekan Adetayo is deemed to have lost the privilege of representing his media outfit in the State House.

You may wish to advise the Punch Newspaper that it reserves the right to send a more matured, professional and patriotic representative that will work in the overall interest of the nation rather than self-serving and parochial interests.

B. Abubakar, fsi.

Chief Security Officer to the President, C-in-C.

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