Nigerian Man Labels Calabar Viewing Centre Victims “Unpatriotic”!


A Nigerian man who lives in Hamburg, Germany and is married to a white woman and goes by the name Mike Anders on Facebook has penned an inconsiderate post on Facebook. In his post, he said that the Nigerians who met their untimely demise at the football viewing center in Calabar were unpatriotic citizens and death is the price they had to pay for that.

“You skipped our national football match to watch foreign league and electric pole fall on your head, that’s the price you pay for being unpatriotic,” he wrote.

When people started attacking him on the post, he wrote a second post to back up the first but it was just as bad.

“You have one choice, either you are a patriotic Nigerian ready to uphold her honour and glory or a saboteur committing felony,” he wrote.


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