Photos: Woman Stabs Housemaid For Taking Food From The Pot


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Here’s what Mercy who shared the story wrote;

‘My heart is pained nd broken! How can a woman be this wicked? I’m so angry right now. I can’t keep quiet any longer, else we might have a dead kid on our street one of these days. This girl (aged 11)is constantly abused by d madam, almost everyday.


This pix is d one i took of her last week, when d madam stabbed her with a knife. Her offence? She took beans from d pot and ate bcos she was hungry. Ordinary beans oooo! And for her punishment, her madam beat her thoroughly, stabbed her with d kitchen knife, kicked her out unclad, nd starved her for several days. She is just 11 yrs!


Personally, i’ve talked to this woman, neighbours are also tired of this constant abuse on this little girl. Meanwhile, this girl looks so malnourished nd tattered, she works from morning till dusk serving d madam nd her three kids, she doesn’t go to school.


And  right now, she is at it again!Beating this girl as if she is bent on killing her. I’m just sad.
Girl child advocates, pls step in. Wht can /should be done?
Let’s save this girl before we have another case of ‘House girl killed by her madam’

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