Diamond Platinumz’s Baby mama, Zari Hassan At Her Ex Husband’s Funeral


Zari Hassan lost her 39-year-old ex-husband, Ivan Don Semwanga to a heart condition on the 24th of May, 2017. She attended the with their kids. She also has two kids for Diamond Platinumz

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Ivan Semwanga’s foster dad, Luyinda, yesterday told mourners that as far as they are concerned, Zari is not the official widow and that she won’t even be allowed to speak at the funeral. We know a different person, a South African by the name of Ddudu, she is pregnant. I’ve sent money to a team in South Africa to work on her travel plans, he added.

Asked about why they will not allow Zari to speak, Luyinda said; “Don’t you know what Zari has been doing?”

“My son loved her so much and gave everything, but she ended up with three different men as my son looked on, it affected him.”

“I’ve been so close to my son and he’s been telling me everything. Zari dated a basket baller, Lugudde, dated Farouk and her very latest, Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz with whom they have children, Ivan could not have remained the same.”

Luzinda went on to say that looking at how events have been unfolding between Zari and Ivan, he will be forced to subject his three grandchildren to paternity tests to ascertain if they are our sons.

How can one be a wife in two homes? It can’t be, you are either with Ivan or Diamond Platnumz, but not both, Ivan’s half brother,  King Lawrence, added.

Meanwhile, it’s for reasons like these that Zari’s mom, Sultan Hassan, decided to hold a different vigil at her home. I’m upset that they are saying all that about my daughter, whatever Ivan had, they made it together.

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