See Lionel Messi’s Response To Speculations He Spent N14m At Restaurant With Cesc Fabregas & Luis Suarez


Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, has responded online to speculation that he spent almost £35,000 on food and drink at a restaurant in Ibiza. The Argentinian has been away on the Balearic island with his fiancee Antonella Roccuzzo, Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona team-mate Luis Suarez, as well as their respective partners Daniella Semaan and Sofia Balbi. While Messi and Co posted pictures of their night out at Lío Ibiza, Club Restaurant Cabaret on Instagram, another post circulating on social media claiming to show an image of the group’s receipt was going viral.

Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo (l) have been away on holiday with Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi (c) and Cesc Fabregas and his partner Daniella Seaman (r)

The receipt in question showed a grand total of €37,330 spent, including €24,600 on 41 bottles of Dom Perignon at €600 a pop, as well as 27 pizzas and four portions of caviar. However, now Messi has seemingly moved to dismiss the story by commenting on the image after it was shared by an Instagram account. His comment read:

Lionel Messi commented on an Instagram account which had shared the image of the receipt 

See the translation below:

‘Hahahahahahaha, what a way to talk s***. How they invent. The most cute thing is that people believe it.’

Aside from seemingly fake huge restaurant bills, the group have been enjoying an extended break in the sun over the past week.