Omoni Oboli Celebrates Her 14 Year Old Son


The proud mother took to Instagram to celebrate her second son, Gozi who turned 14 today. She wrote:

“Happy birthday to my 2nd son @gozioboli. You certainly don’t come across as 14 Gozi. You are one of the most mature teens I have ever met. So focused, so driven, so self motivated, so warm, so caring, so deep! The girl that ends up with you will be the luckiest girl ever! Gozi has a heart of pure gold. Always ready to help without even being asked. Gozi wants world peace and as much as depends on him, he lives peaceably with all men. I am so proud to call you son, my young basketballer! I will do everything in my power to give you the push you need to be the great man I know you are destined to be. Happy birthday son. I love you more than life itself ❤️??? #KingGozi #happy14thbirthday
PS: I’m secretly collecting applications for future daughter inlaw. This one’s wife must pass through me ?”