Photos Of Man With Half A Face After Being Ravaged By Cancer


A man who was left with half a face after it was ravaged by cancer has had it rebuilt by a genius surgeon.Tim McGrath, 38, was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma – an extremely rare form of soft tissue cancer – leaving him with a grape fruit-sized tumour growing on his face.Medics managed to cut out the cancerous tumour, but his body rejected multiple attempts to rebuild it.

But after a year of living with exposed flesh, top surgeon Dr Kongkrit Chaiyasate heard about Mr McGrath’s plight, he agreed to help him – using skin from his leg and forearm to reconstruct his face.Mr McGrath, from Michigan, is now enjoying every opportunity he is given and the reconstruction work on his face will continue in 2018.

‘My family and friends have been amazing and their fundraisers have helped me afford and endure the $40-50k that has had to come out of pocket. ‘I have been incredibly lucky to have insurance, the first eight weeks in hospital rang up a bill of $1.2 million alone.’I have now found the confidence to share my story and if my journey can lead to a happy life for others around me then I truly understand why I was chosen to walk this path.’

Tim McGrath and his parents in 2015 after a reconstructive surgery.