Saudi Arabia Gives An Extra Month To Illegal Migrants To Leave The Country


Saudi Arabia has extended its amnesty programme by a month for undocumented migrants to leave as the first extension ended on July 24. Saudi Arabia announced in March 2017, a three month amnesty programme for undocumented foreign migrants to voluntarily leave the country before the amnesty’s expiration on June 24.

However, Saudi Arabia gave a one-month extension which ended July 24 to provide more time to undocumented foreign migrants to voluntarily return to their home countries.

Ethiopia has one of the highest numbers of undocumented migrants in Saudi Arabia with the government undertaking vigorous campaign to return undocumented Ethiopian migrants back home.

So far about 70,000 undocumented Ethiopians living in Saudi Arabia have returned home with another 60,000 undocumented Ethiopians having registered at Ethiopian diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia to return.