18+ Photo: Prostitute Goes Mad, Strips Unclad After Intimacy With Strange Man In Owerri

A Facebook user, Malachi Okoro, who posted the graphic photo on his wall, narrated that the lady who is said to hail from Calabar, Cross River State and in her early 30s, was seen roaming the streets in her birthday suit to the astonishment of those who knew her. Okoro said that after asking around, some of her colleagues disclosed that she was picked the night before by a man no one knew or could trace, for a night of sex. See the 18+ photo below

She was said to have returned to her brothel in the early hours of the following day only to begin screaming and stripping herself unclad Though no one could tell what could have caused the strange behaviour exhibited by the lady, many people think the man who took her out could have used her for some ritual thereby inflicting her with the insanity.

Prostitute Image Credit: Google