“I Have Since Stepped Into My Truth” – Nigerian Lesbian, Pamela Adie


Nigerian lesbian, Awhobiwom Pamela Adie who is set to wed her partner says she has stepped into her truth. Pamela who was once married to a man, but shocked her family and friends after she declared that she’s a lesbian, wrote;

“This was taken 9 years ago while on vacation in Vancouver, Canada.

I was “dating” this very nice guy who loved me and wanted a future with me. He talked about kids, life with me, the car he would buy for me, how we’d travel the world, and live happily ever after.

Funny thing is, I never disrupted his dream. I was trying so hard to buy into his narrative of how good we were together. I wanted to see his dream of us together as a happy family but I just couldn’t.

He soon noticed that I didn’t share his aspirations when I started to withdraw.

He’s a great guy. Now married to a lovely woman and they have beautiful kids. And we’re still good friends.

As it was with all the men I tried to date, it was never them.

It was always me living in denial and trying so hard to be straight.

I am no longer about that life

I have since stepped into my truth.”


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