Photographer Gets Shock Treatment After Revisiting Girl With Multicolored Eyeballs


The photographer said she was bashed by the vegetable sellers in the popular Lagos Market, as they accused her of being a kidnapper. Here’s what she wrote;

“I can’t believe how ignorant and envious people can be… I went to meet peace where her mum sells Ugwu and I was almost eaten raw by the Ugwu sellers there… I was so disoriented!

Peace’ Mum didn’t complain, I already spoke with her Dad and he was grateful but these women couldn’t hide their jealousy, they made a scene and almost tagged me a kidnapper…people started gathering.

The envious Ugwu women said they saw her pictures everywhere on the internet that she was too young, I asked them if she was too young to be successful?

These women were trying to convince her mum not to allow me take her to the studio for professional photos. They even blamed her for allowing me to take the pictures in the first place.

That’s when it became so obvious that it was jealousy! she said”