House Girl Peeps While Husband And Wife Were Having Intimacy


A 12-year old house girl, Gloria Ukanam has reportedly turned her madam’s bedroom to a live porn centre as she peeps through the opening in the door while she’s having sex with her husband in the night.

The girl was caught, thoroughly beaten and sent away by her madam over the act. The incident happened at Chris Idowu Street, off Idimu Road in Ejigbo area of Lagos where they reside.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the girl’s secret was leaked when she told their neighbour who was her age mate that her madam used to shout and cry in the night whenever she was making love with her husband. She revealed that the noise always woke her up and she will be peeping them through the door opening till they finished because the light was always on.

It was gathered that her age mate then told her mother what Ukanam said and her mother in turned informed the couple about what was happening. They eventually set trap for her and caught her.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered the couple (name withheld) lived in a room and parlour apartment with an adjoining door between the two rooms. The couple’s children used to sleep in the parlour with Ukanam while the couple slept in the other room.

It was while in the other room as husband and wife that Ukanam used to wake up and watch them. When they got the information, they reportedly trapped Ukanam around when they suddenly opened the adjoining door and met her standing there. They asked her what he was doing in front of the door at that hour when she had slept around but she could not explain.

They accused her of being a witch who always came to attack them in the night but she denied. She eventually opened up and told them that she was only peeping at them. She reportedly told them that madam’s noise usually woke her up and she was tempted to peep to know what was happening. And that she has been doing so since she started living with them for over 14 months.
The madam broke down in tears and descended on her. Very early in the morning she took her to the person that brought her to them as house girl.

When our reporter visited the house, the couple were not around to comment. However the residents confirmed the incident but frowned at the conduct of the house girl. One of the residents confirmed that the house girl has been sent back to the person who brought her to the couple.


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