“Nigeria Killed Chris” – Bisi Alimi


Bisi Alimi has shared his last moments with Nigerian dancer who died after five hospitals he was rushed to, didn’t have oxygen to revive him. According to Bisi, he met the young man in his hospital bed and had a heart to heart conversation before he passed on few days later.

“It was a Sunday night in Lagos, I had gone to Mega Plaza with my team earlier in the day and we had just arrived the hotel and as usual went into Instagram to like some pictures and check my DM. Then I saw a message from a young lady appealing for help. She said her younger brother is in the hospital and that they just lost their dad in June and, she has just been told of a news that only I can understand.

Prior to this time, she said she has not heard of me, but she was on google looking for a Nigerian to talk to and my name came up, she just wanted to talk.Then I told her I am actually in Lagos and I can come see the brother. Luckily enough, as fate would have it, the hospital was just a ride from my hotel.Out of fear, my PA insisted he will come with me as this is too random.
We set off and went to the police hospital in Falomo.
I got there and hugged the sister, she was visibly shaken. She was scared.
I said can I see the brother, she told me that the mother and brother are with him, and I asked if I can join then, she said no, let me get them out.
She did by telling them I am a specialist. I went in and after few minutes with this young man, who was distress and short of breath, I turned to the sister and asked if she can leave us alone.
She said yes without arguing and I went into heart to heart talk with him.
We talked at length, he was still tired but he talked.
He told me everything I needed to know in confidence.
As I was leaving, I heard someone called out my name, I walked up to him and after introduction, he told me he is the consultant on shift that night.
He told me he had listened to my talk at UNILAG and he was really impressed. I told him about the young man in the room and I begged him to please do anything to help him. I told him what I know in confidence. He promised he will take care of him.
Then on Sunday I got a text from the sister saying he had died.
It breaks my heart to hear the news. I had no idea why our path crossed for such a very short time.
I have seen on social media that I have more friends in common with this guy. Its a pity he died. The man I spent those time with had no death in his eyes. Nigeria killed him.”