Women That Talk With Their Eyes Are More Talkative. Beware Of Them – Reno Omokri


According to Reno Omokri,

A woman who willingly offers herself to you knowing fully well you are married is a woman that has the capacity to kill #

In a series of tweets aimed at schooling men more on women, he continued;

One mistake men make is to turn from their sins without turning to God. Only by turning to God can man turn from his sins #RenosNuggets

Men, That a woman smokes and drinks does not mean she has bad character, however, it does make it more likely that she does #RenosNuggets

Men The most talkative women don’t speak much. Women that know how to talk with their eyes are more talkative. Beware of them #RenosNuggets

Never marry a wife that you will ‘manage’ just because you are poor. If you do, you’ll abandon her when you’re no longer poor #RenosNuggets

Men, A woman who can abort her own unborn baby already has experience in murder. If she can abort her own child, who are you? #RenosNuggets