Her Baby’s Creche Is Located Directly Beside A Poultry


Hi everyone,please I send this mail on behalf of my sister in law,she has been crying for weeks.

She works with a school somewhere in Ogun state,the school has a creche for staff where she keeps her 5months old baby,now the issue is that the creche was moved from a cubicle to a slightly bigger room directly beside the school’s poultry,the smell that oozes into the creche is sickening in her words,she said they only pack the poo once in a week,which makes the smell bad,a new staff who joined said she can’t bring her child cos of the smell,this was the awakening call,she has been moody and crying for weeks ,she dsnt have help and she can’t resign(the job is really needed),they spoke with their director’s p.a so he can talk to him,Bt so far nothing,he then told her and other worried parents in confidence that they should involve external body like Ministry of health cos the man is making so much from there and he won’t bulge,but she dosnt know how to go about it, please help us,cos of the long term adverse effect on these children.
God bless ,please Help!!!

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