Nigerian Man Says This is How You Should Pay Your Tithe


Donatus Ukwuaba says Nigerians should give help to the helpless instead of of giving out money to those who already have private jets in the name of tithes. A few weeks ago, one Chief Charles Nzechi built a new home for Mrs Onyemechi, Nwanmo, an old homeless widow in Abia State, who had been living in a dilapidated mud house for decades. Donatus shared the widow’s transformation photos and wrote;

This is how to pay your tithes and not giving out money to those who already have a private jet, this young man changed the life of this old widow by giving her a new home. One thing touched me when I saw this post. Can you see how that old woman (may be your mother) will look young when you start talking care of her just observe the two pics and you will see the difference. May God bless you young man for such a charity work. I know some heartless people will ignore this but remember one day agalachamustcomebacktooldage

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