Teen Embraced Her Alopecia In The Most Beautiful Way


Madisyn Babcock enlisted her artist mother to draw intricate flowers on her head and got a photographer to capture the design in all its glory. Although Madisyn didn’t expect to go viral, the Kansas teenager told Metro.co.uk that with negative world events, she’s pleased to have ‘positively impacted society’.

‘My heart is eternally warm from all of the positivity surrounding alopecia,’ she says.

‘I was nervous to expose my head. Not really because of what people would think but more that it makes you feel vulnerable.

I’m truly inspired by the fact that I went viral – but not really for me, it’s more for those who have hair loss and need some inspiration. I know it helps others with hair loss see that hair does not define their beauty.’

 Although Madisyn has regained her confidence, she does admit that it was a work in progress.

‘Finding out about my alopecia was hard. I wasn’t confident from the beginning. I think it’s important for those with hair loss to know that it’s perfectly natural and normal to feel scared and vulnerable. I was terrified.

‘But it’s important to feel that way. Ten seconds of fear is all you need to accomplish something extraordinary

She encourages any other young girls with alopecia to understand that beauty comes in a variety of different forms.

‘I want them to know that it will be hard, and people will stare and people will point. It’s perfectly okay to be uncomfortable. And it’s perfectly okay to flaunt it. There’s no right or wrong way to react. You’re beautiful, I love you, and you inspire me.’

Sadly, Madisyn’s flowers aren’t an everyday look.

Although the Kansas teenager doesn’t wear wigs, she covers her head with beanies out of old T-shirts to protect herself against the cold.

‘If it wasn’t scary, it wouldn’t be extraordinary. I really just want anyone with alopecia to know that.’