This Woman Said She Slept With 15 Ghosts


A woman claims she’s had sex with ghosts and she believes she will get pregnant with a spirit’s baby.Amethyst Realm was on today’s This Morning where she told host Phillip Schofield that she left her fiancé after he caught her having an affair with a spirit. She left viewers baffled as she claimed to have had sex with 15 different ghost lovers. She says she believes she can fall pregnant by having sex with ghosts, saying that’s what phantom pregnancies are.

After listening to her, Phillip Schofield told her that she’ll have a “reputation” in the spirit world.

He told her: “I could imagine you’ve got quite a name for yourself in the spirit world.”

He had asked her earlier when she had her first sexual encounter with a ghost and she replied: “It was about 12 years ago now, I was living with my fiancé and he was working away a lot.”

She added: “I started to feel a presence.”

Amethyst says that one night she decided to dress in sexy lingerie and hang around in the spare room, where she’d felt the ghost’s presence the most. She said she waited a while before anything happened and feared that she’d put the ghost off by coming on too strong. But she claims that just before falling asleep, the ghost turned up and they had sex. She said she’s gone off men completely and has had sexual relationships with 14 other ghosts after the first one.

Holly Willoughby, the second host, asked if she’ll feel that way forever, or if she may want children one day. And Amethyst said that she believes she can still get pregnant by having sex with a ghost.

She said: “I’ve done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies. There’s a possibility that it is a ghost in you but people don’t know how to carry it to full term.”

Amethyst went on to discuss how her relationship with her fiancé ended after he caught her in bed with a ghost.

She said: “He says he saw the shape of a man through the window when he pulled up outside.”

Amethyst said she believes her first ghost was in love with her and says she was in love with it, but that things fizzled out in the end. She also said she was angry that the ghost had shown his physical form to her fiancé but not to her.

Holly asked if sex with a ghost ends in orgasm, and Amethyst said: “For me, yes.”