Twitter User Says Her Former School Mate Wants Her To Address Her As ‘Ma’

A lady identified as MissPhrankie has shared her experience with a lady she met when she was in secondary school. The lady explained that her former schoolmate keeps demanding respect from her.

The lady noted that her school friend who was two years her senior always expects respect from her whenever they communicate. She explained that the lady always wants her to reply with respectful words. In a post MissPhrankie shared on Twitter, she noted that her school friend is a Yoruba lady. She also shared screenshots of the conversation they had.
She said: “So this girl we practically grew up together (she was about 2 classes ahead of me in sec schl) & for some RIDICULOUS reasons, each time I say words like “thanks dear” “ok dear”, she cautions me, expecting me to say “MA”. She’s Yourba by d way.” Read their conversation below: