E-Money, Kcee And Their Mother Pictured Together At E-Money’s 36th Birthday


Emeka Okonkwo A.K.A E-Money also known as Arab money is a Nigerian Business Mogul/Boss of Emmy Cargoes Limited who was born on the 18 of February, 1981. E-money shared the photos as he celebrated his 36th birthday with the caption:

When a lion is walking, every other animal goes into hiding because the king of the jungle is walking. Wherever you go today, because you carry the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH inside of you, every challenges, problems, & obstacles around you shall not only go into hiding but they shall disappear and melt away in Jesus Mighty name.Amen. Any forms of alligation enemy raised against you God will fight it to finish and you will win the battle in jesus mighty name Amen.Good morning and have a wonderful Thursday #mamakcee&emoney #mybloodline #birthdaypictures #it is too late to fail Amen #we are too loaded to be empty Amen

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