Lady Explains Why She’s A Lesbian


According to her, she is not a lesbian just because of the many reasons that other ladies give, she is simply a lesbian just because she chose to be.

Some ladies who are lesbians often times say they were heartbroken several times by men, or sexually violated by men, hence their reason to settle with fellow women.

But the lady identified as Keke on Twitter revealed that she is simply attracted to other ladies and not because she can’t get a man to herself or because she has been sexually violated by a man. She just doesn’t feel anything for men;

Read her post below:

“i am a LESBIAN.Not because i wasn’t dicked down right,not because a nigga did me wrong,not because men are dogs,not because i was sexually violated by a man,not because I can’t get a man & not because I can’t get dick but SIMPLY because I am attracted to women!!!!”

The lady seems to have most of her followers giving her support and one of them even responded saying:

“I’m in love with the thought and ideology of a woman , the reality of a woman , the soft hairless skin , the soft vibrant and sexy scent , the heart and mind of a woman , the internal and external existence of a woman , the poetry of a woman”

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