Femi Kuti Releases His 10th Album, ‘One People, One World’


Femi Kuti the oldest son of late afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti has finally released his 10th studio album, also titled One People, One World, and it’s pretty impressive.

On One People, One World, Femi Kuti is still the deeply political musician we know and love — he calls out Nigeria’s ineffectual government on most of the album’s tracks — but this time, there is a strong sense of hope and optimism his last nine albums lacked.

Speaking with Rolling Stone about what inspired the album’s optimistic tone, Femi said:

“I’m a father and I love my kids, so I want to give the younger generation a message of hope. Despite all our problems, we can create greatness in our lives.”

About what he hopes the album achieves, Femi told Billboard:

“I hope this album brings joy, love, equal opportunity, justice, peace, understanding and togetherness to the world.”


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