I Never Posed Unclad – Moyo Lawal


The internet went gaga yesterday after she modeled for a beauty products line in what appeared to be a unclad photo-shoot.  But the sultry actress has come out to say she never posed unclad.

The actress claimed that her unclad photos that were circulated over the internet are just an illusion of the actual photos, in which she had something on, but no one could see.

Moyo Lawal released a statement and it reads thus:

I was not unclad Ya all need to chill especially the hypocrites that I see in bikinis all the time ……..….
Here are the Facts!!!

(1) I was not unclad neither can you see anything apart from cleavage which you will probably still see from me .Also ofcourse I was terrified have you ever tried to create a unclad illusion picture?? I was almost peeing in my pants and trying my best to still make the picture look believable

(2)….My body is 100% natural , how on earth do you compare a natural body to a surgical enhanced body

(3)….Kim k is NOT my Role model , please where have you ever heard me say that?or even write that?? ….I just love how confident kanye is ..knowing his wife will never cheat on him despite her body exposure (becos we know what some always covered up decent wives do)….therefore allowing her do her!

(4)… I was not unclad as you can obviously see in the picture above ,different posture… I make bold to say, I see literally unclad bodies on social media every other day ..either a lingerie or beach or pool or bathroom shoot

(5) ….I need to point out the obvious that I have seen literally every female in bikini ( the ones with the bodies for it ,that is… Even some without) whether before marriage ,some even after …..need I point out “bikini is string pant and bra

(6)…… You have never seen me in a bikini , which means you have actually never even see me as undressed as most females you have seen on social media

(7)……..As for me liking attention ….I laugh in Spanish , am off social media more than am on it ….am indoors more than am outdoors, ..so what were we saying about attention again …like I log out of socialmedia completely!!