Tired Of Being Broke? See An Opportunity Many Nigerians Have Overlooked


While some Nigerians are broke, truckloads of money flow annually into the account of other Nigerians. According to a 2016 study conducted by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, the inflow of money into Nigeria stood at $19 billion dollars. This amounts to trillions of naira.

It will interest you to know that this figure is not talking about financial investments in the country or monetary aid. Far from it, this cash flow is money remitted by Nigerians abroad as they study reveals.

However, it doesn’t take any thinking person to realize that’s not the complete the story. It’s just not realistic enough.

So what’s the untold story? The untold story is that many Nigerians are receiving payments weekly and monthly from abroad for their efforts. Since the idea of working online is not popular in our local media, they lumped it together to call it payments from Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Many Nigerians are not aware that not everyone that stays indoors almost all day are not jobless. The idea that anyone who works online is engaged in fraud is an archaic mentality that should be discarded. Many Nigerians are working legitimately online and are hitting gold.

While some people complain of the exchange rate and how disastrous it is, this category of people are appreciating God because it’s fetching them more money. Classic case of “another man’s food is another man’s poison.” While many Nigerians are debating whether Nigeria is out of recession or whether it’s recession that has refused to leave Nigerians, these few Nigerians are focused on getting more of the Benjamins.

Are you tired of being broke? Let me show you a reliable way of earning online that I’ve taught other Nigerians to earn. This business model is not crowded, so you can easily make it.

The opportunity at a glance

As at July 2017, there were over 91 million active Nigerian internet users. If we adopt the popular assumption that we are now a population of over 180 million people as a nation, it means over 50 percent of Nigerians are now online.

Out of this category of Nigerians who are online, over 32 million Nigerians have at one time shopped online, according to Ventures Africa. This makes Nigeria the biggest e-commerce industry on the continent. However, since the study was conducted about two years ago, it’s safe to say we probably have more 40 million Nigerians who have shopped online.

You can also factor in the recent upsurge in the number of Nigerians that now shop online on foreign e-commerce websites to purchase their clothes, bags, phones and other products.

You may be wondering why these facts are necessary. If you can’t spot the opportunity yet, you would get it shortly. Just read on.

The problem with shopping online

Shopping online is a problem for many Nigerians and other people across the world. The problem is two pronged. First, people want to know that the online seller is not a fraudster. This is the foremost concern of many Nigerians.

Second, people want to trust the quality and reliability of the product they want to buy. In a world that offers alternatives, deciding which product to buy is a big ordeal. People want real value for money.

Many times, it’s easy for the first problem to be solved courtesy the escrow services that most of these e-commerce sites offer and the reviews on the seller’s page. However, the second problem is not so easy to solve.

Since people want to get quality products that will serve them for long, they rely on the recommendations of others on which particular product and brand is good for them. Have you ever asked for people’s opinion before you made a purchase online? Yea, that’s the problem right there!

The opportunity

Many people will not hesitate to offer guidance and necessary information to prospective buyers based on their knowledge or experience. However, what if you could help people make the right purchases and also earn from it?

Companies and stores (home and abroad) must attract buyers so they can make profit and stay afloat in business. For this reason, they need people who will simply recommend their products to people and earn from commission from sales.

This puts you in the middle position since you can…

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