Cows Take Over Abuja International Airport

Cows Take Over Abuja International Airport

A twitter user uploaded a picture of Cows grazing on the grass located in Abuja airport.

It begs the question of how much of this is really enough before something is done??

Here’s a tweet which confirms the invasion of Abuja International Airport by cows;

“Today, while at the Akure Airport to board Air Peace commercial flight to Lagos, I witnessed cows taking over the Airport runway and preventing Aircraft No. 5NBQQ from landing for more than 15 minutes.“Thanks to Capt Inyang for saving the lives of the passengers.”

A statement signed by the General Manager, Corporate Affairs (FAAN), Henrietta Yakubu, read:

“FAAN wishes to apologize to Air Peace Airlines and our esteemed passengers for a runway incursion incident that prevented an Akure airport bound flight from landing for some minutes.

“The Air Peace flight, which left Lagos for Akure could not land immediately as some cows had strayed into the runway of the airport.

“However, normalcy was restored quickly, as officers of the aviation security department quickly dispersed the cows from the runway and the aircraft was cleared for landing.“The Authority will like to assure travellers and the general public that efforts are already ongoing to close the gap that aided this incident”.


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