Ugandan Activist, Steven Kizza, Drowns Few Months To His Wedding


A 24-year-old poverty alleviation activist, Steven Kizza, has died after drowning while swimming at Aruu waterfalls in Uganda, just few months to his weddingHe had his introduction ceremony at the end of last year. Kizza, an employee of an NGO based in Kamwokya, Kampala, had travelled to Gulu on a work-related trip. While there, he and other colleagues decided to go and have fun at the falls.

Moments before he drowned, he first took pictures, then he sat down and put his feet in water as his friends took pictures. Unknown to them, this was their last moment with him. .

Slowly, he slipped down the water falls and by the time they realized he was actually slipping from life, it was too late to rescue him. They sounded an alarm, but there was no one in vicinity to respond to their calls. Police came in later and managed to retrieve the body.