See The Female Graduate That Hawks Food In Abuja


Mr Timothy Ofoegbu took to his Facebook page to hail the young lady simply identified as ChyChy for doing what most graduates won’t do. According to the lady, she started the food business because she didn’t want to be a burden to anybody rather she wanted to work so that she would be able to take care of herself and her ageing parents.

Mr Timothy Ofoegbu shared the photos he took with the lady on Facebook and wrote;

While many youths are complaining of unemployment and sitting at home, a female graduate cooks and hawk the food at Abuja. I met her near UBEC office at Wyse Zone 4 today where I went for a meeting. I bought her food and it was very delicious. I encouraged her not to give up. She says she don’t want to be a burden to any one. She wants to take care of herself and her aging parents. Her name is ChyChy and I am proud of her. She gave her permission to this photograph with me and affirmation to this post.

Other people who reacted to the young graduate hawking food wrote;

Just imagine this,wen buhari is busy appointing dead bodies,living able bodied graduates ar jobless,may God save Nigerians frm clueless governments o,amen

At least she has a choice, the ones that don’t have a choice but to hawk and to feed their families off it, with no hope of anything else and no hope of greener pastures. Those are the ones that deserve praise. Making the best out of an impossible situation on a daily basis.

You dont need to be GREAT to start but you have to start to be GREAT….also dont underrate the power of social media , i strongly believe help will locate her very soon… And To everyone one out there trying to survive God bless your hustle ???


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