Ndigbo Express Support For Danjuma’s Call To Arms Against Herdsmen


Igbo leaders have applauded the statement by the former Minister of Defence, Lt. General Theophilus Danjuma, that Nigerians should take up arms against the marauding Fulani herdsmen who have been killing the citizens across the country, insisting that the Armed Forces have failed to protect the country from the aggressions of the herdsmen.

Several Igbo leaders who reacted to Danjuma’s statement said that although his call for arms against the herdsmen came late in the day, it confirmed their fears that the leadership of the Armed Forces, as presently constituted, would never protect majority of Nigerians against the atrocities of the herdsmen.

His words: “We are watching. The only thing new is that Danjuma has confirmed what everybody has suspected about the military which is that they have been protecting the killer herdsmen. “The call on Nigerians to defend themselves against ethnic cleansing by Fulani herdsmen is belated.

We had known that President Buhari’s agenda in appointing his kinsmen as heads of all the security agencies in the country was to protect the killer herdsmen in the heinous crimes against humanity. “The security architecture is to allow his Fulani people embark on their Islamic Jihad or expansionist tendencies. Danjuma and his group should apologise to the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who saw the emerging scenario and alerted Nigerians over the issue about four years ago.


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