See The British Woman Anna Campbell Killed Fighting Isis


British woman Anna Campbell is believed to have died while fighting against Isis in Syria. It is claimed that the 26-year-old from Lewes, East Sussex, was part of the all female Kurdish Women’s Protection Unit in Afrin, a besieged city.

According to the Guardian the convoy she was travelling in was hit by a Turkish missile on Friday. She is said to have dyed her hair black so that she looks less like a westerner and begged her commanders to send her to the front line. Her father Dirk Campbell told the paper: ‘Anna was very idealistic, very serious, very wholehearted and wanted to creat a better world.

‘She wasn’t fighting when she died, she was engaged in a defensive action against the Turkish Incursion.’ He added that he didn’t try to stop his daughter from going off to fight because once she had made her mind up ‘she was unstoppable’.